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MJD Advisory & Development is a Croatia-based consulting firm. Founded in 1995 by Marko Jug-Dujaković and Mia Jug-Dujaković, its mission is to provide tailored services that respond to the need of global clients requiring an effective and trustworthy partner on the ground. A locally-rooted team that understands an international investor’s perspective and knows how to bring a vision to reality.

Uniting our expertise in international finance, project management, and legal services with a specialized network at hand, we help international clients set foot on the beautiful ground of the Dalmatian coast and its pristine islands. Professional but personal, from beginning to end.

Mia Jug-Dujakovic

Attorney at Law

Mia Jug-Dujakovic is an Attorney at Law with experience advising private clients and companies, both foreign and local. Fluent in English and German, Mia specializes in company structuring and restructuring, acquiring properties (private and commercial), managing residence and business permits, investment projects, and elaborating tailor-made contracts.

Mrs. Jug-Dujakovic is devoted to offering her clients highly individualized services tailored according to their specific needs. She has profound experience in structuring businesses with a special focus on holding structures and tax regulations. She has participated as a leading legal counselor on the development of building zones and site projects, including negotiation with local communities and infrastructure service providers on the issues of infrastructure elaboration.

She began her education in law at the University of Split, Faculty of Law, Graduate Study, accepting numerous awards and finishing as the valedictorian of her class. She continued her education at the University of Zagreb, Postgraduate Doctorate Study for Civil Law. She has published law reviews and co-authored the International Real Estate Handbook.

Since June 2020, she has been a member of the International Migration Council, the worldwide association for investment migration and citizenship-by-investment, bringing together the leading stake-holders in the field, organized with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of United Nations.

She has participated as a leading legal advisor and member of the investment management team. As the project head, she recently completed Maslina Resort in Stari Grad, on Hvar Island.

Marko Jug-Dujakovic

International Finance

Marko holds a degree in International Finance from Moravian College. He has been involved in the private client industry for the past 11 years as part of Henley & Partners, where he has held multiple roles including Managing Director, Croatia. He continues his work with high-net-worth individuals to achieve their goals in Croatia as part of the project management team.

For the past eight years, he has also worked with Croatian Land Holdings, a real estate investment vehicle in Croatia. He has held multiple roles as part of the team developing and managing various real estate projects.

During his career, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in several fields in Croatia and abroad, including legal and business environments and procedures in Croatia. He is intimately familiar with solutions necessary for real estate investments to succeed in the local climate, managing various real estate investment projects such as the recently completed Maslina Resort in Stari Grad, Hvar Island.

Adela Pleše Bezmalinović

Administration & Communication

Boasting a language background with a proficiency in English and Italian, Adela’s communication skills paved her way as a translator of professional texts and literature on psychological, pedagogical, sociological, and educational topics, as well as in court proceedings. Devoted to heading administration and communication with clients and business partners, Adela highlights complex legal and administrative processes as a significant part of her business practice, which is demonstrated in her work as a Business Secretary and Foreign Correspondent. Most recently, Adela worked as the Chief Assistant for the Maslina Resort project development team, where her broad experience in business administration was applied at all levels, from project preparation and implementation to translations, organizing, and maintaining correspondence with domestic and foreign clients.

Ivan Caktaš

Assistant Manager

Ivan’s knowledge spans beyond the world of studying law. With expertise in tourism, logistics, marketing, human relations, and accounting, Ivan has built his career on the principles of teamwork, organization, and communication skills, all while remaining responsible and reliable to his craft. After acting as a tour guide, promoter, logistics officer, accounting officer, and assistant director of human resources, Ivan most recently worked in financial administration and project analysis and also headed bespoke projects for MJD. Ivan is also active in sports and enjoys busying his mind outside of work by restoring rare vehicles and antique furniture.

Jurica Jug Dujaković


Jurica brings many years of experience gathered in Europe and the USA in project development, both in aquaculture and sustainable energy resources. His expertise spans from sourcing the project to preparing the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, with special emphasis on creating projects harmonized with EU fund requirements and development banks, making the project eligible for loans and grants if applicable. Coming from the background of biotechnology research, in which area he has acquired Ph.D., gives him a deep understanding of the analytical approach. Jurica still lectures as a guest professor at the University of Dubrovnik and participates in several publications. He is the World Bank expert for agriculture and marketing.

Darko Martinčević

Senior Engineer

With recent experience on high-end and luxury projects, Darko ensures that MJD meets the highest standard in engineering and construction, with quality finishes and top-of-the-line IT and sustainable energy solutions. This represents a must in a world where sustainability is not just a catchy phrase, but a principle that many share in their vision of the project. In addition, Darko has many years of experience on the construction site, giving him deep insight into time and challenges for more efficient site preparation and management.

He studied civil engineering at the University of Rijeka and later continued his studies at the University of Zagreb and Split.



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